Naughty At Home


Naughty At Home.

Hi there, my name is Desirae welcome to my website. :) I am 29 years old 5'8 125 lbs, my measurements are 34C-25-34. My sex life changed forever three years ago in the most incredible way. I learned about role-play, dirty talk, and role play/fantasy dress up. This all happened when I met my husband. I had always been a naughty little whore in bed, however our connection sparked a whole new realm of sexual exploration. We were totally uninhibited with each other, a perfect sexual match! We started openly sharing our thoughts and fantasies with each other & both became so turned on that our orgasms were stronger than ever! I was so overwhelmed & stimulated by this new chapter in my sex life that I decided to start building my own adult website dedicated to sharing all of my fantasies, experiences, and stories. Being very open sexually comes very naturally to me, & I want to share these adventures in the hopes that others will learn that dirty talk, acting out fantasies, & role-play can enhance your sex life in so many wonderful ways.

Before I was with my husband, I used to find myself in the heat of passion, longing to say something sexy, only to loose my nerve. I was worried that I’d take it too far and embarrass myself. It was so refreshing to be able to finally open up and say all the dirty things I have always wanted to say! It made sex and the moment so much hotter. I found that sometimes it's a turn-on to feel a bit guilty, dirty, and wrong. My dirty talk has brought intensity to our sex life like nothing else has. I tell my husband all my dirty fantasies about other men & women. The more detailed and graphic my talk, the harder he pounds my pussy. I really enjoy sharing ~ Desirae

I create intense homemade porn, while I am not a Dr. of human sexuality or a sex therapist, I do feel that I am very skilled in the area of sexual exploration and you will find my site both entertaining and educational. I am constantly reading books about sexual exploration & this site has given me the perfect way to express all of my secret desires to push erotic play as far as I possibly can with my husband. I film all aspects of our sex life and share them with you. From acting out my bi-sexual fantasies, partner swapping, to anal sex & spankings. I absolutely love to talk dirty in bed, the dirtier the better! There are no limits to what I will share with you inside, there is a reason I have been called the naughtiest girl on the Internet, and I completely and thoroughly get off on performing for you. I am multi-orgasmic and love talking dirty, you are going to love my website. Your 100% satisfaction is my ultimate goal, and I aim to please! xxx Desirae

I want to change the way people experience sex... for the better. Talking dirty and sharing your fantasies openly isn’t always easy, but it is worth the effort! My mission is to make erotic, intense, entertaining, and very naughty videos that will inspire, arouse, and uplift people's attitudes and habits towards open naughty communication during sex. I hope to show you not only how much we enjoy this, but also how much it has changed our sex life for the better. Through sharing some of our most intimate and sexy moments on film. I aim to share my desire and love for dirty talk, role-play, & fantasy through my videos and full size images.

My site is sexy intense and real all at once; amateur porn that's as real as it gets! I share every aspect of my sex life with you, from real life experiences to my fantasies. My site is 100% real. Xxx Desirae

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